Do you need your deck refurbished?

Wood Deck Cleaning

One of the more common request for exterior cleaning is for us to clean old wood decks. As long as the deck is structurally sound a few minor repairs and a good cleaning can save your from having to replace the entire deck.

Deck Boards Cleaning

The flat deck planks make up most of the visable surface of your deck and therefore recieve the most judgement. With a little deck cleaning solution, pressure washing, knowledge, and experience we can have your deck boards looking good again.

Handrail Cleaning

Another area of your deck that is a highly visable area is the deck and stair railing. We use special attention in cleaning hand rails so we don't splinter the wood.

Stair Cleaning

The third most visable area is the stair treads, stringers, and handrails. We already talked about cleaning stair handrails but we also use the same attention to detail on the stair treads as we do on the deck bords and handrails also.

Wood Framing Cleaning

While the unseen portions of your deck will never register with friends and family it is important to clean them as well. The bugs, spiders, and wasp like to stay on the underside of the deck where it is cool and out of the wind. Some of the insects are wood boring and could damage your deck over time.