Do You Need Cracked or Foggy Windows Replaced?

Window Repair and Restoration

All throughout the DFW Metroplex people have issues with windows and glass. We help you get rid of the problems with your glass doors, windows, mirrors, and more. We can fix chips, scratches, cracks, and even replace the entire window if needed. Just give us a call at the phone number at the top of this page or use the form to send us an email and we will contact you.

Glass Repair

There are many reasons for a window to require glass repair. At worst you may have an intruder into your home by breaking a glass pane to gain entry. Maybe the neighborhood kids were engaged in a game of baseball and a rouge fly ball was caught by your glass door. You could have damaged your window by a stone being thrown from a lawn mower. What ever the source of damage you will need to call a professional to repair your window.

Glass Pane Replacement

Replacing or repairing a small glass pane of glass in a window or door is far less expensive than replacing the window or door itself. Contact us if you need a glass pane(s) replaced.

Cracked, Chipped, or Scratched Glass Can Be Repaired

If you live in The DFW Metroplex then give us a call to discuss repairing scratches, chips, or even cracked glass on your windows, doors, tables, mirrors, and more. In the event that the glass cannot be restored we can replace the glass or the entire window or door.

Foggy Window Repair

There are more windows installed that are double-pane or triple pane than at any point in history. Now that these energy efficient windows are beginning to age it is common to have the seals break down and fill with moist air. When this happens the windows will fog up and become unsightly. Give us a call and we can repair or replace these energy efficient panes of glass to restore your windows to a like new state.

Rattling and Loose Panes of Glass

If the panes of glass in your window or door rattle when the wind blows or a large truck drive down your road then it is likely that they come loose from the sash or frame. Give us a call and we can secure them back in place so they rattle no more.

Screen Repair

When the heat of summer is over and before the cold of winter we all enjoy opening our windows in the DFW Metroplex. How ever you may still need to contend with flies, mosquitoes, and other insect coming into your home. This is why it is important that your window and door screens are in good condition to keep these pest out of your home. If you have window screens in need of repair simply give us a call and we can repair or replace them for you.

Storm Window Installation

If you are looking for a cost efficient way to insulate and dampen sound on your windows you should consider storm windows. A storm window can be externally or on the interior of your home. The air gap between your normal window and the storm window adds an air gap that acts as insulation and also reduces noise from entering your home. They are commonly solid as aluminum or vinyl frame options. The exterior storm windows my be a little more difficult to install and may cost more. The interior storm windows are affordable and do not change the external appearance to your home.

Window Film Application

A simple application of window tinting film can reduce energy loss in your home. You have your options of mirror finish and dark tint. Most of these films will cut the UV rays entering your home through the windows and will protect your carpet and furniture from them. Its possible to install these films yourself but can take some practice to do it right. If you are uncomfortable installing window film call us and we can help you.

Window Replacement

If you are looking to increase the efficiency of your windows and upgrade the functionality or improve the looks then replacing them would be the logical coarse of action. We have crews that can professionally remove your old windows and replace them with new energy efficient windows. Call us for more details.

Window Repair & Replacement Service Areas

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