Wash Your House

We understand that you have invested a lot of money into your home. It is without question the biggest investment that most Americans will ever make. So, it is for that reason we also understand that you would want to protect and care for your home. Windows By George is in the business of cleaning and caring for the exterior of your home. Below you will find more information about our residential pressure washingservices in addition some other exterior cleaning services to make up a complete house wash service.

We Clean Siding

For the most part, people would relate a house wash to having the siding on your home pressure washed. Windows by George clean house siding, but we go on to consider a house more than just your siding. The siding is most often a big offender to the overall appearance of your home when it becomes soiled, mildewed, or even chalky in looks. Pressure washing can restore the clean fresh appearance your home had when it was originally built.

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Wood Deck Cleaning

One of the great appeals of owning your home is having the ability to create your own living experience. For most Texan's living experience involves a wood deck, bbq pit, and a cooler of beer. We make no judgements about the beer, but we do help you keep you living experience looking fantastic by making sure that your wood deck is always free of mold, mildew, fungus, and is not fading in color. Windows By George can pressure wash and seal your wood deck allowing you to enjoy the beauty and functionality for years to come.

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Concrete Patio Cleaning

It is almost 100% certain that when your house was built that a concrete patio at the front and back door was part of the construction. Depending on the builder these could be a small or a large patio. Just as most flat surfaces concrete patios are pourous and retain dirt, grease, organic materials, and become dirty quickly. Our flat surface cleaning technology allows us to uniformily clean your concrete patio with no striping or streaks.

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Privacy Fence Cleaning

As mentioned before your house is your biggest investment and your back yard is your playground. Surrounding your playground is your wood privacy fence. The fence is to provide privacy, set boundaries, contain your animals, contain your kids, provide security, and to look good while doing all the fore mentioned. When your fence gets dull and greyed or even a layer of green mildew covers your fence, we clean your fence to a new looking state.

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Driveway Cleaning

For most people the first impression of your home is where the rubber hits the road, literally. Your driveway or curb in the front of your house is usually the first experience to your home that your guest will every have. Windows By George can give your house curb appeal starting by cleaning the curb. As part of the process we usually clean the sidewalk, front door walk-way, front door patio, and the driveway. That is the standard service when someone requests the driveway being cleaned.

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Sidewalk Cleaning

We clean your sidewalks in front of your house if needed. This service is usually done as part of cleaning the driveway, front walk-way, and front patio. We will clean just the sidewalk if needed.