Do You Have Leaking Gutters?

Gutter Cleaning

If you have leaking gutters and downspouts it could be a sign that you need to have your gutters cleaned. Your gutter system is constantly having debris deposited into it. Every time the wind blows, the rain falls, or your four year old throws a tennis ball on the roof there is a chance that foreign objects can be deposited and clog your gutters or downspouts.

Gutters need to be clean and in good condition. Anything less is a near death sentence for your siding, substrate, foundation and lawn. The gutters and downspout system captures rainwater running off of your roof and diverts it away from your home, but many homeowners don't know the extent to which gutters provide basic protection for their home. Siding, roofing, yard drainage, and foundations: gutters protect them all.

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