DFW Concrete Cleaning Company

Concrete Cleaning

Every house or business has a few flat surfaces constructed with concrete. Dirt, pollen, tree sap, oil, pollutants, and everything else finds its way to the ground and your concrete surfaces are porus and hold all that turning it black and ugly.

Concrete Patio Cleaning

There are a few ways to clean a concrete patio but we use the most effective and which has the best results. Windows By George will pressure wash your concrete patio to remove the dirt and grime that has built up for run off from your roof, foot traffic, and tree pollen. There are a whole lot more things that contribute to making the patio dirty but it only takes one call to Windows By George to get it clean.

Driveway Cleaning

We are asked more often to clean driveways than any other concrete surface. Driveways are constantly under attack from dirt, grease, oil, pollutants, and tree pollen. If done incorrectly a person pressure washing your driveway will lift the dirt up in one place only for it to settle in another. Some of the simplest things need a process or then can become difficult. Windows By George has been doing exterior cleaning with pressure washing since 1987 and knows what works and what does not. Let our experience and know how serve you. Call Windows By George to get your driveway cleaned.

Sidewalk Cleaning

As part of our driveway cleaning service it is almost a given that we will be asked to clean the sidewalks in front of the house and if the house is on a corner lot all the way around. For a visual statement to put you apart from your neighbors have your sidewalks and curbs cleaned and the whole world will see your property line. The dirt stops at your property.