Does your siding have dirt, mildew, or fungus on it? We'll Clean it off.

House Siding Cleaned

Is your house siding green and ugly? Not to worry, Windows By George can clean your siding with our mildew and paint chalking house wash that will kill, neutralize, and release mildew form virtually all forms of siding. If your paint is chalking we can also remove chalk residue from your home's siding.

Lower Safe Pressure Washing

Depending on the type of siding your house has, will determine the most effective cleaning technique to clean your home's siding. We use a mild yet effective mildew and chalking remover to clean, which requires us to use less pressure from our high pressure washer.

Brick Siding Cleaning

While you may think that brick siding is hard and sturdy you would not be completely correct. The brick is somewhat durable, but the mortar can be much more fragile. So it is with great care that Windows By George treats your brick siding as carefully as we would be a softer siding material such as stucco. We try to use the lowest pressure without losing the effectiveness of the value of power washing. It is a fine line of too little pressure and too much pressure. The experience that Windows By George has makes the difference we have been in business since 1987 and have learned a few things in that time. For safe and effective brick siding cleaning call Windows By George.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

If you have vinyl siding you are more than aware of the frequency and severity that green mildew can form on your vinyl siding. The good news that mildew on vinyl is one of the more easy to remove contaminants. However; don't treat it lightly the mildew can pit and permanently discolor your siding. So it is important to have the green mildew removed as quick as possible.

Stucco Siding Cleaning

Stucco siding is soft and can be damaged with improper pressure washing techniques. It is important that the correct pressure setting and nozzles are used to safely clean stucco siding. Windows By George has the experience and knows what equipment to use and the correct settings to insure a safe but effective cleaning of your stucco siding.

Wood Siding Cleaning

To clean wood siding consideration needs to be taken so that the wood is not splintered or otherwise be harmed. We have the option of using a straight water or a mild algae and mildew removing deck cleaning agent. Windows By George will leave your wood deck clean and ready for staining and sealing.

Hardi Plank Siding Cleaning

Most houses built in the last 5 years have Hardi Plank® or Smart Panel on them. These siding materials are of good quality and last long. However, they still get dirty just like everything else. We clean Hardi Plank®.